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All the practices and conditions that preserve the quality of food to prevent contamination along with the food-borne illnesses are referred to as food safety. Think food Safety educates the consumers about the importance of safe food and it also educates how to reduce or prevent the risks of food-borne illnesses. Food safety is important for all people of almost all ages. But it is much more important for aged people. Think Food Safety is here to provide you complete guidance about food standards for the vulnerable population.

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Importance of Food Safety for Aged People:

As we move to 65years or older, our organs and systems of the body go through many changes. If your food is not prepared according to the standards, then these changes will surely harm your body.

These changes may include:

Our kidneys and liver may become less functional and they don’t properly rid our body of the toxins and foreign bacteria.

If more acid is produced by our stomach, then it will lessen the number of bacteria in the intestinal tract. A proper amount of acid may not form in people who are ageing, thus there will be an increase in the growth of bacteria. We at Think Food Safety encourages you to move your business to real standards. Here are some points that will decrease the risks of food-borne illnesses.

  • Cleaning:

Food handlers should wash the hands and the food contact surfaces properly.

  • Separating:

Always separate the raw meat, poultry and eggs from ready-to-eat foods.

  • Cooking:

Always cook the food properly at the right temperature 75

  • Chilling:

Chill any potentially high-risk foods as well as cooked leftovers as soon as possible to

Think Food Safety provides you complete guidance about the food standards. If you want to make your business compliant according to the standards of food safety, then follow the guidance provided in this content.

Aged care audits are conducted so the people may remain safe from food-borne illnesses or food poisoning and may enjoy good food and good health.